The Story Behind the Project

At Talbot Woods Lodge we think pictures can help to tell the stories of our lives. Essential life planning (ELP's) has always been a topic which we have promoted and attempted to take a lead role in developing within care services. In late 2014 we completed our planning and testing and made a large jump into working with google plus and other tools that work with mobile device management software to bring paper stle ELP's into the EWorld. and created a fantastic working ELP system for our service users.

We created a fantastic working ELP system which allows our service users to view and access their ELP from almost any Tablet, Phone or Computer! The wonderful part about our Google Plus ELP's is that not only can our services users share wonderful moments with each other through their devices, but they can also invite their friends and family to their events, photo albums, videos and more! 

Service users are able to select on an individual or group method who is able to access and view each event, photo album or other content within their ELP so it remains their private property as much as they wish! Family and friends are able to make invite service users to their events and there is the ability for specific people to add photo's to each others albums as people wish!

The range of possibilities of creating an interactive and comprehensive timeline with our new system are incredible as well as being easy to use enabling our service users to take great control over what is important to them to include!                                                   

Contact Us

If you are a family or friend wishing to get in touch with us to find out more about our ELP service then please use the contact us section of the website. Alternatively should you already be using Google Plus then you can get in contact via the link below!