Our Services

Talbot woods Lodge is a residential and respite care home and day service for adults with learning disabilities that specialises in challenging behaviour, crisis support, transitions from home to care services and a number of different conditions such as diabetes, epilepsy, dementia, prada willis, borderline personality disorder and psychosis. We assist many people with both physical and mental disabilities and impairments and have trained staff to facilitate physiotherapy support, rehabilitation of skills and development of new skills.

It is o
ur aim to support people in, making new friends and enjoying current friendships and relationships, to have a good community presence and do our part for our local community, to be active and healthy and to enjoy life in its full potential  achieving our life goals. Please find below some basic information relating to the different services we provide, for a comprehensive pack providing information on all of our services or for more information on a specific service please get in touch to enquire or request a Welcome Pack via our Contact Us page!

For all of our services there is 24 hour staff support and services available for 1-1 and 2-1 support where needed.

Residential Services

At Talbot Woods Lodge we currently have 14 permanent residential bedrooms, at current we have one first floor bedroom available for a permanent placement. This is the first vacancy we have had in over 5 years so we urge people to get in contact for more information through the 'contact us' page of the website, your social worker or local brokerage team as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

For more information on possibly joining our residential service or to arrange a discussion/tea visit or to request a welcome pack, please send us a message or give us a call via the contact us page! 

Respite Services

Talbot Woods Lodge has a one respite bedroom which has an en suite bathroom. This bedroom is available for booked placements  throughout the year and is available to service users of all funding authorities. Day service is also optional should you wish to access a comprehensive service during your visit. 

The easiest way to find out more about Talbot Woods Lodge and whether our service us right for you is by looking through our welcome pack! Its filled with lots of information such as our statement of purpose, some of our policies and a copy of our day care planner. We also know that everyone has different times they wish to visit, possibly for different outings and events we hold throughout the year! This is why, each year we create for our services users a Talbot Woods Calendar! Our calendar is within the welcome pack and lists all of the proposed outings for the year and any special events such as BBQ's, Live music events, Holidays and Parties we have planned!  

For more information on possibly joining our respite service or to arrange a discussion/tea visit or to request a welcome pack, please send us a message or give us a call via the contact us page! 

Daycare Services

Talbot Woods Lodge prides itself on providing a valued service to our clients holistically. We provide person centered day care opportunities both on and off site for a variety of different interests. We have two minibuses one of which is wheelchair and entry ramp adapted which enable us to venture to many different places and find something for everyone!

Our typical hours for day care service are between 10am and 3pm however we can offer bespoke services upon request. To mention a few of the services we provide through daycare are: Bowling, Cooking, Swimming, Hiking, Xbox Kinect – dance fitness, Literacy, Golf, Baking, Allotment Project, farm and agriculture sessions, Life skills, shopping, Sensory games, Social Club, RNIB Video sessions (audio descriptive), picnics and more!