Inspection Reports and other Inspection Information

All people should know what standard of care people will be receiving as well as the quality of the environment in any care home and the staff at Talbot Woods Lodge understand this. That's why we do not hide our inspection reports or information we receive from governing bodies or local authorities. We would actually like to take this one step further in helping people to understand how information from inspections in gathered as well as what information is collated into these inspection reports people hear so much about. Always be aware that you can access information regarding any care home from the CQC (Care Quality Commission) website to access their inspection reports as well as to check if all standards are being met. If there is any additional information that you may want or any further assistance you would like regarding inspections, reports etc please do not hesitate to contact us via the 'contact us' section of the page.

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As I mentioned above we would like to provide as much information regarding inspection processes to give understanding as to what has been reviewed in CQC's inspection process, to view the standards and what they consist off please CLICK HERE to see them on one of our other pages.